8th Jan, 2018

Weekly Update 8th January 2018

Happy new year and welcome to 2018! We hope you all have had a great festive season and we wish you all the best for the new year ahead. We look forward to realising STRAKS potential in 2018, alongside the rapid growing community, which is growing at a phenomenally rapid pace. More than 39,000 STRAKS addresses have been created since the blockchain went live, we now have over 6,000 followers on Twitter, Discord counts more than 4,600 members and the network hashrate grew from sub 50 Gh/s to 380 Gh/s at the time of writing. We cannot thank you all enough for your support of STRAKS and we are truly excited to be building the future of STRAKS with you.


Coin Swap Status Update
The swap registration period has now officially ended and no more coin swaps will be processed. In total, 80,892,769.98 Signatum coins were sent to the swap address, equating to 59% of the total generated Signatum supply. Therefore, a total of 20,223,192.49 coins will be generated on the STRAKS blockchain from the swap. Rest assured this will not drown the market, as the swap will be paid in installments over the next 44 months. They will be paid in equal proportion alongside mining and masternode rewards. The total pay-outs are limited to 432,000 per month in the first year, increasing by 5% per annum, until the total swap supply has been covered. This ensures a healthy and sustainable economy, that is never at risk of oversupply. This safeguards your investment.

Coin Swap Payouts
A long-term sustainable and healthy STRAKS economy ensures that all investors, miners and masternode holders will maximise their long term earning potential, without the fear of a rapid unsustainable oversupply. To mitigate the risk of having a large quantity of coins enter the market in one lump sum, payouts will strive to mimic mining and masternode rewards as much as possible. In that regard, the swap payouts will be executed weekly, starting from the 10th of January and thereafter paid out every Wednesday. This mitigates the risk associated to a massive sudden unsustainable oversupply entering the market that is not regulated by an equal and opposite rapid increase in demand. Your investment potential is therefore always protected and maximised fully.

Please take note, that it is of the utmost importance that you ensure that your STRAKS address is set correctly on Discord. If you have not added your STRAKS address or included a wrong address, you will not receive your payouts. From the 10th January 2018 onwards NO changes can ever be made to the STRAKS payment address you have set.  The payment data will be anonymized and the STRAKS team would not be able to help even if you had a valid request.  Therefore make sure that you save and backup your wallets and keys in safe locations. We also strongly advise you NOT to utilise an exchange site address for your ongoing payments, as you may not have full permanent access rights to that address over the duration of the swap payback period.


New Exchange Listing
Having STRAKS added to another reputable high volume trading platform has been an absolute top priority for the STRAKS team. We have been keen to increase accessibility to STRAKS, increase the overall available trading volume as well as adding credibility to the coin and the project. We have therefore been in continuous dialogue with numerous exchange sites, and after a lot of discussions we finally signed a deal, that we firmly believe will help establish STRAKS as a trusted, competitive digital currency that clearly  establishes peer group dominance from the outset.  We have paid the initial deposit for listing STRAKS and they have started auditing the code and have commenced the integration process.  Unless there are any insurmountable issues, STRAKS will be listed in the very near future.

We are pleased to announce today, that STRAKS will be partnering with one of the leading and most trusted exchange platforms in the world - we welcome you HitBTC. STRAKS is projected to be listed on their exchange platform sometime around the middle of February. The specific date will be made public once established.

We hope that you are as excited for this partnership as we in the STRAKS team.

Covering the HitBTC Listing Fee
Naturally, as HitBTC is one of the most established, reputable and high volume exchange sites on the market, the listing fee is of course proportionate. In order to cover the full listing fee (of which 5 BTC has already been paid using the funds from the Public Round of Funding #1), the STRAKS team will be selling coins from the treasury holdings from the unclaimed swap address (as explained on the official github repository, 60% of the unclaimed swap is dedicated towards the treasury). 50,000 STRAKS coins were therefore sent from the swap address to stocks.exchange. This sum was sent before the recent price surge and it is therefore substantially more than initially required. The remaining proceedings will therefore be sent back and rest assured that we will not do anything that could drown or be perceived as manipulating the market. We always strive to make sure that our liquidations have a minimal impact. Please see the txid for the transaction below.


Race Car Decal Winner
Just before Christmas, a decal bounty of 300 STRAKS was made available to the public, for the one who created the best graphic design for a decal required. After evaluating the entries, it was decided that Anduflee’s contribution was the best.

Please see below the contribution from Anduflee. As a result of his long-term support and contribution, Anduflee has also been given MVCC status on Discord (Most Valuable Community Contributor). We thank him for his great work and continued support.



Masternode Services
To ensure that Masternode holders, as well as those interested in acquiring one, can track their ROI and associated cost of acquisition, STRAKS has now been made available to track on masternodes.online (https://masternodes.online/currencies/STAK/).
To increase awareness and reach further, we will also be paying the 0.1 BTC listing fee, for being added to masternodes.pro (https://masternodes.pro/).


Crypto-coinz.net exposure
STRAKS will soon be featured on crypto-coinz. Among other things, this will give you access to calculate your mining profits, get a complete overview of all accessible mining pools as well as get an overview of your masternode reward profitability. An article featuring STRAKS will also be compiled and added permanently to the portal.

Core Release Notes (
Please update at your earliest convenience.  For pool owners make sure to track the debug log data on restart to ensure clean startup.  If you notice issues or block rejections resync chain after deleting peers.dat/mncache.dat or a clean sync.

  • Masternode functionality enabled: list and winners
  • Protocol update in preparation to disconnect old nodes
  • Fixed reindexing issue


Additional Listings
As the community and the general public is now aware, STRAKS has been added to coinmarketcap as of the 1st of January (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/straks/).

Worldcoinindex has now also added STRAKS, which you may find here: https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/straks

To keep better track of your trading, STRAKS is now also available on cointracking.info (https://cointracking.info/coin_charts.php?cur=STAK)

Your Sincerely,