11th Dec, 2017

Weekly Update 11th December

Since STRAKS’ blockchain launch on the 20th November, more than 20,000 STRAKS addresses have been created. We are currently growing at an average rate close to an astonishing 1,000 STRAKS addresses per day! The Discord community is also growing at a rapid pace; more than 500 new members have joined the Discord community in the last week alone. STRAKS’ Discord community now features a total of over 2,500 members.

Last week a public round of BTC funding in exchange for discounted STRAKS was initiated. This was to cover the 2 BTC requirement for listing on Coinexchange.io. The demand proved to be far greater than initially anticipated and the 2 BTC target was covered in just 12 hours.

The community members Decker and BRob delivered some great contributions to STRAKS in the past week. BRob launched his support for STRAKS with his all-in one miner AIOMiner Alpha. Decker developed a Win32 STRAKS wallet client and announced that he is working on integrating and utilising STRAKS atomic swap functionality, to list the currency on BarterDEX’s decentralised exchange platform. We cannot thank them enough for their contribution in helping to make STRAKS a long-term success and we are encouraged and motivated by the continuously growing support in the community that we are seeing. We also want to take the opportunity to thank the community member Graev for allowing and offering STRAKS to utilise his McLaren for STRAKS advertising in January and we look forward to providing him with the creative assets necessary to enhance STRAKS’ external public image and awareness.

AIOMiner Alpha 6.3

BRob announced last week the launch of his all-in-one miner, AIOMiner Alpha 6.3, which supports a number of currencies besides STRAKS. It is an extensive expanding feature rich application, that gives you (the miner) greater flexibility over what you mine and when. It is built to help cater not only to the miner who wants more flexibility but also to help ease the transition into mining for newcomers.

To read more about his application and find out where it can be downloaded, please see the links provided below:




Decker, who also released the first updated yiimp code to support the new STRAKS protocol, has now also released a WIN32 client. Please find the details concerning the wallet download and its source code below;

Source Code: https://github.com/DeckerSU/straks/tree/dev-decker-win32
Release: https://github.com/DeckerSU/straks/releases/tag/


Last week on Bitcointalk Decker announced that he was working on adding STRAKS/KMD market to the new upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform BarterDEX. It is a fully decentralised exchange platform powered by Atomic Swap. As of today, BarterDEX released a YouTube video showcasing the atomic swap feature in full action for STRAKS, thereby making it the first cryptocurrency in the world to utilise its atomic swap functionality on a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The atomic swap feature has long been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency market, for what potential it may pose for the future. As the market grows, there is an enhanced need to find ways to make blockchains interact more seamlessly and rely less on third parties to process and handle the transactions. This gives you, the end-user, an enhanced control over the security of your funds. It is a perfect first real world showcase of STRAKS’ atomic swap functionality and we look forward to seeing the new exchange site launching in January.

Further information can be found on the links below. Do not forget to check out the YouTube video, showcasing the platform and STRAKS’ atomic swap functionality in full operation.


Help us spread the word. Give it a like and retweet: https://twitter.com/KomodoPlatform/status/940266912143069185


The public round of funding announced earlier last week, is still active, for another couple of hours. Through your BTC contribution, you are able to acquire STRAKS at a discounted rate for your investment. Although the target has been reached, you are still able to acquire STRAKS at the discounted rate, should you want to partake. It is based on pro-rata and any excess will be either refunded or at your discretion kept for later exchange site funding.

Please see full details concerning the funding and how to participate and acquire your STRAKS here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2433318.msg24921025#msg24921025


A note to all pool-owners. Please take note that the Yiimp pool code has been updated and is available on now Github https://github.com/DalmationCadet/yiimp

The stratum code has been updated for Yiimp based pools in order to avoid transaction fee related block rejections.


The swap-bot launched and was announced across all communication channels on the 8th December. Although this may appear as a somewhat easy solution to develop for anyone who is not a developer, we can assure you that this was quite a big task. Often swaps are handled manually, but we wanted to make this as easy and user-friendly as possible. We took great care in developing the bot, to ensure it was bug-free and completely secure to use.


We strongly encourage miners to distribute their hashrate away from Suprnova. Historically, they have held a dominating share of the network hashrate for STRAKS and this is already a key issue for many well established currencies, that hashing power is often too centralised. To combat this issue early on, before the hashrate starts rising, we highly recommend and encourage miners to select one of the many other pools available for STRAKS so as to decentralise the hashing power and reduce the associated risks (please find them in the original Bitcointalk announcement post above).


We strongly encourage everyone to update their clients to version (latest) before the masternodes are scheduled to kick in after block height 50,400. 

The STRAKS OSX wallet has just been updated as well, and is now ready for downloading here: https://github.com/straks/straks/releases/download/


As of today a new team role has been added and assigned on Discord. The new role is named MVCC, which stands for Most Valuable Community Contributors. We want to thank Decker for his ongoing hard work and support on a community level, in helping make STRAKS a long term success and he is therefore the first member to receive the MVCC role, as a token of appreciation for his hard work and contribution. This role has been created to clearly represent who in the community goes over and above the average contribution to making STRAKS a long-term success.


There is currently a 300 STRAKS bounty on the best design suggestion for the STRAKS branding for the McLaren in January. It is very important to us that this is top notch graphic work, so as to ensure that the brand is at always represented in the best possible light; as a professional competitive digital currency should be.

Full details concerning the Bounty Campaign can be found on our reddit page (do not forget to subscribe): https://www.reddit.com/r/STRAKSproject/comments/7ibydj/call_out_for_designers_300_straks_bounty_reward/

Your Sincerely,