5th Aug, 2018

Announcing the STRAKS Incubator Project

STRAKS Incubator incorporates the best of a number of thriving community-minded business models. As we deliver on the roadmap, STRAKS Incubator will evolve from being a crowd-funding site, which also delivers on the promise of providing a platform for decentralized voices to impact STRAKS project and its value proposition, as originally envisioned through STRAKS-Vote.

STRAKS has a core mandated focus and community driven steering committee accessible to all investors, small or large. STRAKS-Vote was intended to be an inclusive approach and contrary to Masternode driven governance as operated by many of STRAKS’ peer group. STRAKS reduces the barriers to voting in order to ensure that the governance and development of the project is not solely at the whim of high net-worth Masternode owners and operators. STRAKS promotes true decentralization by attracting a wider community of stakeholders. This further guarantees STRAKS’ agility and growth as a digital currency as its strategic direction will continuously adapt through equally considering input off new investors and long-term investors. The Incubator will replace STRAKS-Vote as the conduit through which all stakeholders can propose changes, vote and fund the development of STRAKS’ ecosystem.

The STRAKS Incubator will evolve into a multi-tier portal that brings together creators, inventors, and problem-solvers who have a product or idea, but traditional means of bringing it to market have failed. The STRAKS Incubator will bridge this gap by providing access to capital, knowledge, and expertise related to their project. The goal of the STRAKS Incubator is to bring the vision of Accelerators while encouraging and supporting innovation throughout the world without the barriers of traditional crowd-funding solutions. To achieve this STRAKS Incubator will be providing barrier free access to capital, knowledge, and expertise related to these projects. Thereby facilitating collaboration between like-minded innovators.

Project Details can be found here: https://straks.co/t/project-straks-incubator/468

Project RoadMap is maintained here: https://straks.co/t/roadmap-straks-incubator/471

STRAKS News can be found here: https://straks.tech/insight/

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